Be the Change

This city is full of inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking people. That’s why I love YYC, the community and support are unreal and that passion is contagious. One of the boss babes I know, Marin McCue, has been doing her share in helping people change their perspective and life. I know Marin from her killer spin…

Spring FitBox

Mission: Summer Bod is in full force for most people, and with this warmer weather, it’s hard not to think about shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. The motivation is there but sometimes we need an extra little push to get the ball rolling and shed that extra winter layer. Every new season, I’m always excited…

Floral Summer Romper

This is the time of year that the BBQ invitations start rolling in and Stampede is just around the corner. It’s also the time of year that I stand in front of my closet and wonder what I wore all last summer with a less-than-enthusiastic love for my current summer wardrobe. In the past years,…


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