It is that time of the year again when you have packed away your summer clothes (sad face) and are now embracing warmer pieces. The best part of fall is you can dress warm, but still be cute because you don’t have to hide under a heavy winter jacket…yet. As much as I love summer, I always get excited at the beginning of a new season because I get sick of only having a section of my wardrobe to choose from. Long sleeves, scarves, and leggings are essential to my wardrobe, yet I can’t wear them in the summer months.



I have a few favourite autumn pieces that are always in the laundry during these months: Plaid button down from Garage, Lululemon tights, Lululemon scarf, and a Gap puffy vest. The boots are from and the socks I have paired them with are from Roots (and are the most comfortable socks I own!) I have put them altogether in this outfit, but all the pieces are doable individually in other fall outfits.




With a deep hatred for jeans, I am fully supportive of leggings as pants (Just make sure they are thick enough and not see through; I wear Lulu’s because they are good quality). This stubborn fashion pet peeve works well for all my fall outfits; there is nothing cuter than boots, long socks, and leggings.



What are your fall essentials?




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