Happy Halloween to everyone, I hope everyone dresses up and stuffs their face with candy (and/or alcohol); I know that’s what I will be doing later—if you stick around until next Halloween I will have a tutorial for how to transform into a sugar skull. In the meantime, decorate your house with these super cute glittered pumpkins.


I promise not everything I post will be a Martha Stewart idea. But we have to give the woman credit; she has the best ideas for EVERYTHING, plus it feels more legit when Martha says it’s awesome. Click here for Martha’s instructions for making the glittered pumpkins.

I love Halloween décor, but sometimes it can be expensive or tacky. It is always more festive and affordable to make it yourself. These pumpkins are classy yet crafty; it’s a win-win for everyone. I have to warn you though, as much as you love glitter before you start the craft, I can almost guarantee you will not love it when you have to clean up after—the glitter seems to end up everywhere! I also recommend placing them on a nice tray, plate, or coaster because the sparkles come off and it’s easier to clean it up when it’s contained.

All you need is small pumpkins (as many as you want), a variety of glitter (I used a variation of orange and gold), and white glue. (I used spray on glue, only because I am lazy, but the choice is yours).


Glittered Pumpkins list


If you want to add a bit more to the look of the pumpkin, you can paint the stems brown. Originally I wasn’t going to but after I put the glitter on the stems look plain and unimpressive. I used regular brown acrylic paint and let it dry for about an hour.




Happy Halloween!



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