One of my holiday goals this year (aside from not having a third helping of pie) is to buy all of my gifts from local or handmade sources rather than going to the mall. I tried last year but it takes a little organization to not end up rushing around for last minute gifts which is what happened to me. I am being proactive with my goals by starting my shopping early, having a list ready, and budgeting properly.

I love going to holiday craft markets for these kinds of gifts; there are all sorts of cool things to buy that regular stores just don’t carry. My push for local gifts stems from my own start-up clothing company that I began in April of this year called The Bleached Tee. Anyone who owns their own business knows how important it is for word-of-mouth and local customers; I figure I owe it to other small start-ups to help them grow.

This past weekend I participated in Creative Culture Calgary’s first market at the Bridgeland Community Center; all the other vendors can be found here on their Facebook page. The event was great with lots of people stopping by to check it out!




Other Calgary markets that I am going to check out this year include Market Collective , Commonwealth Collector’s Club , Spruce Meadows Christmas Market , & ACAD Christmas Show + Sale.


What is your favourite market to visit during the holiday season?




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