I am a sucker for live music; all types. They can be local or the biggest artist and I equally love the experience. My favourite live music venues are the smaller ones where you have a more intimate experience with the artist and overall performance.

My #WCW is Lights every time. She’s Canadian and her voice is amazing. I will not admit to how many times I have seen her live now (let’s just say I can’t count on both my hands anymore…) but every concert has been worth every penny spent. When Lights gets on stage, she has a sincerity and honesty in her voice that shows she genuinely wants to be up there doing what she loves to do. I’m sure TSwift loves performing too, but it’s a different experience when you get to stand 3 feet away from the stage rather than up on the second balcony of a huge stadium.

Wildfire from Toronto, opened up the show with impressive guitar work and fist-chest pumping energy. It was a little rock and roll for me, but the energy and enthusiasm made it a great opener.

The anticipation between Wildfire and Lights grew as the stage crew switched sets. To an enormous cheer, Lights graced the stage with her bandmates and opened up with Muscle Memory before saying hello to the crowd. She did a good job of switching up albums, giving everyone in the audience a chance to sing along to their favourite song.


My favourite part of her shows is her commentary where she laughs and talks as if she and the entire audience are grabbing a coffee together. She made many inspirational statements including not being afraid of the future and instead living in the moment because what is in front of you is the most important. In the same thought she made a reference to the importance of her family which resulted in a “Rocket” chant, in honour of her little baby girl.

The rest of her set included, respectfully, Toes, How We Do It, My Boots, Siberia, Running with the Boys, The Last Thing on Your Mind, Portal, Drive my Soul, Saviour, Where the Fence is Low, Banner, Timing is Everything, and Same Sea.


After delivering a passionate performance of Same Sea, she and the band left the stage, only to return to an encore a few minutes later. The crowd went wild for her latest hit, Up We Go, we which played to full strobe light effects. She finished off the show with a slower one; Oil and Water.

Lights is such a role model for being real and honest with yourself and who you want to be, and I applaud her for being able to hold on to that even after all these years. If you have never been to a small live show, I highly recommend it for a different concert going experience.



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