Viva Las Vegas! I spent this past weekend spending all my hard-earned cash in Vegas on food, gambling, drinks, and of course shopping. It was great to get away from the freezing weather back at home, and enjoy the chaos of Back Friday in the US. The best sales we found were at the outlet mall; definitely worth the trek out there. Let’s just say the taxi ride home was a little squishy with all the bags we were bringing back

We saw Justin Timberlake at the MGM–he was amazing. He is a well rounded performer and the show would get any crowd going. Seriously worth going all the way to Vegas for!


My favourite part of Vegas, aside from everything listed above, are the every changing restaurants and amazing food that you can find on the strip. This time we hiked all the way from the Bellagio to Mandalay Bay to eat at MIX, a beautiful steak and seafood, located on the 64th floor of the hotel. The views were spectacular, especially since we were at the very far end of the strip so we could see all the way down. I definitely recommend trying it out next time you are there.

My second favourite was Sensi located in the Bellagio. It was a little expensive but totally worth it. They had handmade naan to start and served the most delicious appetizers and main meals. We didn’t try the dessert but I am sure it would have been decadent.



This outfit is based on the long cardigan that I bought from Urban Outfitters while I was there. It was great for the Vegas weather: warm in the sun, freezing in the air-conditioned casinos. And it was so cozy! Always a selling point for me.

The boots are from Steve Madden—ended up getting 50% off everything in the outlet store. I wore them the entire next day and didn’t even get a blister.Anything could be worn underneath but I stuck to simple black: Lululemon leggings and an H&M tank top.


P.S. Note to self–do not rely on hotels for good lighting; pictures turn out awful.




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