Winter is here but that doesn’t mean we can’t be cute and fashionable still. Cozy clothes make these snowy months bearable; that and Starbucks’ Christmas drinks, obviously. I am a sweater hoarder, I always say you can never have enough.

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The jacket that I am wearing has been one of those investments that you are glad you made. The jacket is Miss Sixty, and does well during winters in Calgary. I love that it makes me look more put together and a little bit more fancy than whatever I am wearing underneath.

Toques, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, etc. are a necessity to keep warm so definitely choose them like you would other accessories. The scarf I am wearing is my absolute favourite with the pink underneath from Aldo Accessories. The gloves are also from Aldo Accessories and the earmuffs are from Chapters. I have never owned earmuffs before because I thought they looked dumb, but now that I own a pair I have come to love them and my ears are always warm.

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The sweater I am wearing is super cozy from H&M. As I said in my Fall post, I basically only wear leggings; a winter day is no exception. These ones from H&M are thinner than yoga pants and definitely need a longer top to cover up, but they are still super comfy. I think they look more winter-y with the knitted pattern on them.

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Rachel (3 of 3)

Winter socks are a staple in my wardrobe, my collection is embarrassingly huge. These ones are also from H&M and go great with boots. I rolled them down to pair with these boots but they are knee high socks that also look great with tall boots.

Even though they are actual winter boots, Sorels are always my go-to for being outside. You can’t go wrong with warm toes, and they can still be cute.

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What are your winter essentials?

Love the photos? I was lucky enough to work with Meagan Weatherby from Calgary. Check out her website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram.



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