The first adjective that comes to mind when I think vacation is relax. The act of laying around in the sun for two weeks is not only a luxury but a good break from life. We live in a society that requires us to run around non-stop doing as many things as possible. Relaxing can be done at home on the weekends but there is something to be said about not having to feel guilty about being lazy. The ocean provides a large enough degree of separation to escape the responsibility and stress of “real life.”

I just got back today from a lovely two week stay in Oahu, Hawaii and I have a great tan and relaxed mind to prove it. Over the years my family and I have mastered the task of beach vacationing, and this trip was no different. The beach was our home for two weeks and I am not excited to be back to reality and the snow. The best part about having nothing to do is the amount of time spent reading; something that can be hard to fit in at home. I managed to read six books; more time with paper backs and less time in front of a screen—another key aspect to vacationing.

This was our first time to this island, and I think it is my favourite out of the Big Island and Maui. It is nice to have the option to spend time in Honolulu doing more city-like things. We did a good job in exploring the entire island with day trips out to all of the coasts. Besides soak up the rays, in our two weeks we were able to snorkel at HanaumaBay, survive a shark dive, see the island from a helicopter, visit Pearl Harbor, and watch the pros surf the Pipeline.




If you are travelling to Oahu I definitely recommend all of those activities. It gives you a feel for the Hawaiian culture and way of life. #hangloose


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