The latest and greatest place-to-be in Calgary is Corbeaux Bakehouse down on 17th Ave. It is one of those places where there is a guest list for the guest list. It has been all over Instagram; photos of lattes, pastries, and other goodies. I couldn’t resist checking it out.

Living up to hipster expectations, the cafe is a cute, modern-style restaurant with the option of a sit down menu or a grab and go coffee and pastry bar. Hannah and I had enough time to have breakfast there and it was delicious!


The staff were super friendly and helpful, especially since it was our first time there. They offer a different kind of menu where you pick and choose the components of your meal. It is a great way to share a meal. Hannah and I shared the Brioche French Toast, Thick-Cut Bacon, and Sunrise X2 (sunny side eggs) and each enjoyed a latte.



The experience was lovely, and now I can say that I have been to Corbeaux (and let Instagram know). If you are in the YYC area, you definitely need to check it out. I know I will be returning for sure!




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