As much as I love the game of football (little love), the main reason why I attend the Superbowl parties are for the fantastic, greasy, not-good-for-you, all-you-can-eat, snacks. Seriously, its worth picking a team to cheer for if there is a buffet of goodies to be had. Over the years I have made quite a few different appetizers but I have gathered my favourite for you parties this weekend.

Basically any appetizer is popular at any party–who doesn’t love to stuff their faces with delicious, probably-not-good-for-you food? Everyone loves it, every time. The recipe I have here is less of a recipe and more of just a cute Pinterest idea to have football-themed appys. The other two that I usually bring with me to parties as well are Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts and 7 Layer Dip.

These strawberries are quick and easy you just have to give yourself enough time to let them cool in the fridge before icing the laces on. Everyone will love them and be impressed by your creative ability–trust me. Plus you don’t have to feel as guilty when you eat ten in a row because they are fruit.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Football Style)



Chocolate (I used a combination of milk chocolate chips and dark chocolate bar)
White Icing



Wash the strawberries and dry them (otherwise the chocolate won’t stick)–Keep the green stem on as it makes it easier to dip them.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave in a small bowl; stirring every 20 seconds or so.
Dip each strawberry in the chocolate and set on wax paper on a plate and place in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
In the meantime make the icing by mixing 1/2 cup icing sugar with 1 tsp of milk. Add milk/icing sugar until you get a thick, white consistency. Put the icing into a piping bag with a thin tip.
Bring out the strawberries and use the icing to draw on the football laces.



What is your favourite Superbowl snack?



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