I love my coffee, who doesn’t. Its what our society runs on. It also can be what you exfoliate your skin with. I know right, reusing your coffee and saving money is totally what you were looking for… But seriously, coffee is great for your skin. I first heard of coffee scrubs through Instagram (I think that’s where I learn everything..) on Frank Body. I didn’t want to order it just so I could tag them in a picture (isn’t that what Insta brands are for?) but it seemed actually beneficial for my skin.

Except that I don’t have money to pay for coffee scrub and its shipping costs. Every time I would put it in my shopping cart my commonsense would kick in and guilt me into closing the webpage without buying. So I was super excited when my brilliant commonsense then suggested I just make my own..what a mind blowing idea. I have coffee grounds, and oil to mix it with and don’t have to pay shipping.

You are probably wondering what the big deal is about this scrub. Well let me tell you: A coffee scrub exfoliates your skin, helps prevent acne, reduces the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation and softens your skin. And because caffeine is a natural diuretic, coffee scrubs can also help stimulate the movement of water through your body, making your skin temporarily appear firmer and making skin problems like cellulite less noticeable. Are you convinced now? If you are here is the recipe:

Homemade Coffee Scrub

Makes one mason jar…super exact,  I know.
Adapted from Live Strong



2 cups Used coffee grounds (or fresh if you prefer)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup olive oil (or other oil, again whatever your preference)
Lidded container (mason jars are more hipster FYI)


Okay, don’t get lost now… Mix all the ingredients and put in container. (Crazy, I know)

That’s it.

P.S. You can store your coffee scrub for up to two weeks.


P.P.S. This was the first time I used a coffee scrub, I had a scary moment where I thought my skin was being dyed brown…just keeping washing, it will come off and you will not be coffee-colored.





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