Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky; it can be easy to slip into the mushy and/or tacky category. Everything I own is already pink so decorating for Valentine’s is not a huge stretch for me. Many people don’t believe in one day dedicated to love, but I love it. I am all about the Hallmark cards, over-priced roses, and unlimited heart-shaped chocolates…no shame.

If you were thinking about decorating for this weekend, I found a super quick, easy, and cheap DIY without looking too tacky.

DIY Heart Tree

What you need is branches (I cut mine of a tree in my backyard), little hears (either you can cut them by hand like I did or buy those little foam hearts), glue, and a vase (I already had this from Superstore).



1. Glue the hearts to various parts of the sticks.
2. Place on a mantle, table, counter, bedside, etc.

Told you it was easy.



Happy Valentine’s Day!



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