Even though there is still snow on the ground, there is no reason to not start packing away the winter clothes and bringing out the more colorful, flow-y, and flower patterns. I have put together my favourite statement necklaces that I think capture the essence of spring.

What’s great about statement necklaces is the shape, color, and size don’t have to follow any rules. They are making a statement; whatever statement you want to make. There are so many different kinds but I tried to stick within the spring-like category of bright colors and fun patterns. What also makes these necklaces great is they don’t have to break the bank. Stores like Forever 21, Aldo Accessories, etc. etc. have huge walls of necklaces that don’t go over $30. That way you can buy lots and switch it up all summer long.

Or you can be super creative and make your own like my sister did (I won’t take credit for the homemade jewelry). Then you know for sure that know one will show up with the same cute, flower necklace as you. If you aren’t hand making your jewelry, then when you go out and buy your necklaces make sure you are buying a variety of colors and patterns. Make a list of the types of necklaces you want. So for example, a flower one, a bright blue one, and a chunky gold chain. It will make it easier to pair with your outfits if there are a variety of choices.

IMG_4516 IMG_4506


IMG_4497 IMG_4509


IMG_4501 Capture

The necklaces are from Aldo, Madeline (homemade), J.Crew, somewhere in Montreal, Forever 21, and Francesca’s, respectively.

I paired all the necklaces with a black tank top for the purpose of showing off the necklaces, but there is no reason to limit your top to black. As long as you aren’t clashing colors, statement necklaces look great on patterned shirts, collared button ups, knit-sweaters; basically any outfit can be paired with a statement necklace.

What is your favourite shirt/necklace combo?


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