Do you hear an echo? The birds are awake and the rumors of beach bodies is reaching our ears every where we turn. It is that time of year when either you are excited about or dreading the pressure to slim down a bit to feel more comfortable in the skin-bearing outfit choices you will be making as it gets hot out. You don’t have to literally mean “beach” body when you are looking for motivation; we live in the middle of the country, and unless you drive out to the lake you may not have to go as far as wearing a bikini.

BUT it is always a good idea to make healthier choices in terms of food and fitness to feel better, even if that means using summer as an excuse to pull up your health socks.
I have made a list of 10 ways to Spring clean your health:

1. Eat more salad.

You knew this one was coming so I got it out of the way. Salad is light, cold, and an easy way to get in more vegetables. Check out my post on my favourite summer salads here.

2. Clean out your fridge and cupboards.

You will be surprised by all the expired food sitting in your kitchen; toss it out and reorganize to promote healthier choices when you open the cupboard or fridge. This means sacrificing your half-open bag of chips, and getting rid of the last cans of pop in your fridge. If it isn’t there, you won’t be tempted to eat it.

3. Spend more time outside.

This does not mean you have to train for a marathon outside, this can simply mean going for more walks. We spend a lot of time inside, especially when the weather is bad, so take advantage of the sunlight and restore your vitamin D levels.

4. Lower your sugar intake.

And by sugar I mean the processed kind. Swap your Nestle iced tea for the homemade kind; grab a handful of (no-butter) popcorn instead of jellybeans; stop juicing and just drink some water. As a side note, lower (or eliminate) your consumption of over processed foods like white bread/pasta, deli meats, etc.

5. Learn to cook (for reals).

Kraft Dinner doesn’t count. Not only is eating out bad for your wallet, there is a lot of extra fat, sugar, and salt that makes that food so tasty. When you cook at home you know exactly what you are putting into your food, and you can adjust to meet your nutrition goals.Pinterest has made it super easy to find delicious recipes that aren’t too hard but will benefit you in many ways.

6. Buy SPF day cream.

Your skin will hopefully be less dry in the summer months, so invest in a good quality, light, day cream with at least 30 SPF. Your skin will thank you (especially if you use it all year). To balance it out, replace your heavy night cream with something a little lighter as well.

7. Drink more water.

Mentioned in passing up there in number 3, water intake deserves it’s own section. You will feel better if you are hydrated, and your skin, hair, and everything will be more healthy. To be yourself accountable, start carrying around a water bottle (you can buy super cute ones from Lululemon); it seems like a hassle, but its a pretty small sacrifice for your health.

8. Get out of the city.

This moves past getting more fresh air. Take weekend day trips either out to the mountains to hike, go camping, or take the road trip to visit nearby family. It will give you the chance to clear your head, and take a break from your busy schedule for at least a little while. Sometime we forget that our mind contributes to our overall health.

9. Shop at the Farmer’s market.

Yes it is a little more pricey, but you are getting organic, locally grown food. Especially if you live somewhere like Calgary, you know how hard it is to get this food during the winter.

10. Try outside yoga.

This is an amazing way to combine many of the things I just talked about. Becoming one with nature is never a bad ┬áthing. ┬áMy friend offers outside yoga at the Farmer’s market during the summer in Calgary. Check her out here.


What is your best tip for Spring cleaning your health?



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