If you know me, you know I love reality TV. I am constantly asked, “But why?” Well let me tell you. There’s alot of different kinds of reality TV; TLC is made up of reality shows, The Food Network is all real life TV, and of course who doesn’t love House Hunters. But the reality I am talking about is the “real life” that happens on MTV and E!

Let me be a little more specific. The Hills is still my absolute favourite show to watch; I can’t even explain it anymore-it’s not on TV anymore and they don’t even make the DVDs anymore. But my #wcw is Lauren Conrad every time and my go-to Friday night choice is the Hills; any season will do. I know its fake, you don’t have to tell me, but that doesn’t hinder my love for it. ¬†When I am not re-watching The Hills, you can find me Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Now, now, let me explain myself. When the first season came out in 2007 (let that one sink in for a minute) I was astonished that this is what TV had come to. But just like anyone with questionable TV show choices, you get to know the characters and then you get trapped. That is why I can still watch The Hills (mind you The Hills only started in 2006, following Laguna Beach, which yes I also re-watch from time to time).

Reality TV is also good for mindless, stress-less TV consumption. I understand that is why some people don’t watch it, “How can you let your mind turn to mush like that?” But for me, when I watch TV I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to be emotionally attached to characters that have bad things happen, will make me sad, etc. etc. I like the light-hearted take on “real life” that allows me to be entertained but not stressed out or worried. Case in point – watched Teen Mom OG last night, completely forgot a new season was coming out. Two reasons why I like to keep up with that specific group of people (there are different seasons with different people): (1) It makes me feel better about my life and not having a baby when I was 16 (2) I feel like I have watched them grow up, it has been five seasons and I have watched every single one so keeping up to date with their current baby drama seems acceptable. Also what else are you watching on Monday nights?

Our society is built upon the admiration of celebrities whether we admit it or not. We are looking to be entertained, and they supply it. The fact that KUWTK is on its 10th season now should be enough to confirm that people like watching these people. The amount of judgement I receive when I tell people that I like watching it is a little mind blowing-don’t tell me you don’t know about Bruce Jenner, or Kendall, or what Kim and Kanye have been up to.

I will forever watch reality TV. I like other shows, Suites and Sex and the City are my favourites, but there is just something that gets me with reality TV. Sorry, not sorry.

What is your guilty TV pleasure?


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