I find that I am always looking for a new daily moisturizer – even just to see what products are out there and see if something will work better than what I am currently using. My main goal is to keep my face looking fresh throughout the day. We all know the look by 5 o’clock that looks like you didn’t even put on makeup or brush your hair – my face looks oily and my makeup has worn off. When I was in the store, the girl recommended this daily moisturizer not only because it is good for acne prone skin like mine, but because it is mattifying.

Even by the end of the owrk day, my face still looks clean and fresh and it doesn’t have that heavy oily look that I was getting before. My makeup still wears off, but at least I’m not worried about not having my powder and blush with me. It works great under both types of makeup that I wear – mineral powder most days and foundation for special occasions. It is really thin and light; just enough to lock the moisture in.

There is no SPF in it so it does need to be mixed with one. I am guilty of not wearing an SPF everyday, and that is mostly because the moisturizer doesn’t have one. My makeup comes with SPF 15 but since it wears off, it really isn’t doing much. I am trying really hard to get into the habit of mixing the two products together.


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