Inspiration is a beautiful thing. To be inspired, and to inspire others gives you the opportunity to connect with the world around you in a positive and productive way. Last night, I attended a personal mission statement workshop held by Marin McCue (visit her website here) and was absolutely inspired by her passion and outlook on life. Myself and 14 other people spent two hours together at the Coffee Market in Kensington connecting with and developing our purpose, value, and direction in life. We went through a mini workshop exploring words that best described us, when we were at our best, what success means to us, etc. Then we put the words together to form a personal statement about the values we create and bring to the world, who we do it for, and what the desired outcome is.

Once we developed our mission statement, we cemented our mission statement on canvas so we could keep it as a reminder and inspiration for our daily lives.

IMG_4933 IMG_4932

Creating your own mission statement doesn’t have to happen in a workshop, all it takes is a little self-reflection. This means setting goals for yourself, thinking about the person you want to become (or a better version of your current self), reflecting on the relationships you have, and being honest with yourself about your current happiness. Mission statements aren’t permanent (even if you do paint them or write them down). Just like you, they grow and develop as you grow, develop, and experience life.



Also catch Marin’s spin classes at YYC Cycle!





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