What would we do without our mothers?


1. Family dinners are not a chore, they are quality time spent together.

1. (a) Family is the key to happiness.

2. You don’t need a man to fix things; here’s your tool box, learn to do it yourself.

2. (a) Men can be unreliable sometimes.

3. Food is an important part of life; enjoy delicious food without guilt, especially bread.

4. Also, Italy is a good spot to enjoy food. Spend time in the places you enjoy the most.

5. There is no shame is switching bandwagons; who says you can’t switch the team you are cheering for half-way through the game just to stir up the pot?

6. Don’t let people tell you what to do, you are an independent person. If you don’t want to stand in line, then walk straight to the front, who’s going to stop you?

7. It’s okay if you want to go to Vegas multiple times a year; what’s life if you’re not having fun?

8. Don’t put up with people that aren’t worth your time; surround yourself with the friends that matter.

9. Sacrifice time for the people you love. Money is nothing compared to making your family and friends happy.

10. Mom’s always know best, even if you don’t catch it the first time, she’ll be right eventually.


Happy Mother’s Day!



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