Since I moved to my new house in December, the best part about my new location is the unobstructed view of the mountains from the path outside of my house. Every day while I am walking my dog, I remind myself to stop and admire the beauty of it. Living in Calgary my whole life, it has been pretty easy to take for granted the close proximity of the mountains. It’s one of those “well they’ll always be there” attitudes that has limited my adventures out into the mountains. The most common excuses I tell myself are, “the drive is too long,” “I have errands to run today,” “it might be cold over there,” “I’ve been to Banff so many times,’ etc. But some people never get to see the Rocky Mountains, let alone drive through them and hike up them. I have made a promise to myself to take advantage of where I live, and take time this summer to go to the mountains more often.


The commencement of this promise was this past Saturday when I┬áhiked Heart Creek trail. Its not a hard hike, you don’t go to the top of the mountain but end up at a waterfall. Even though it wasn’t a hard workout, the time spent outside enjoying nature makes the day priceless. Not to mention getting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. My friend and I realized how much we hate on nature (mostly shitty weather) when really we shouldn’t take advantage of it, and be thankful for the world’s natural beauty.

Being in the presence of such extrodinary beauty brings an inner peace and serenity that I think we sometimes forget exists. It is important to actively take a step back (or up a mountain) and remember that the world is bigger than just us. Nature is a reminder that life should be simple and enjoyed, rather than rushed and stressed. Hiking allows you to regain your perspective and ground yourself. You can hangout at the top of a mountain and just be happy with the fact that you are lucky enough to have climbed up it.

I can’t wait for all the hiking adventures this summer has in store.




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