I’m an absolute dedicated follower of sunshine

– George Canyon, Sunshine

Its my favourite song, and my life motto. If I were to keep track of the days I am happier, it would be the sunnier days – there’s a reason why I am so attracted to California. I could spend everyday, all day outside in the sun; just come on vacation with me and see. In not such a literal sense, I am also drawn to people and events that have positive energy and contribute to a happier (sunnier) attitude and outlook on life. Finding happiness can be tough sometimes; life has a way of challenging you. But the journey to happiness is worth the obstacles you face.

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I also believe happiness is a choice. Sometimes its not, there are circumstances that arise that greatly contribute to unhappiness. But I think a person is defined by how they react to negative situations and hurt, and how they strive to reclaim contentment and happiness. I am reading O’s Little Book of Happiness at the moment, which is a collection of short stories or essays (only a few pages each) that are personal reflections of moments of happiness. The book is split into 7 sections, each a collection of stories related to a theme. The section that stood out for me was Simple Pleasures. I am a huge believer in the saying “it’s the little things that count.” For example, I love sunrises and sunsets; they happen everyday but I try to stop and enjoy them as much as possible. A bouquet of flowers for no reason; the first sip of a well made latte; unstoppable giggles; holding hands; family dinners. The list for me goes on and on. Happiness is not necessarily found in grandness, but in your reaction to the world around you.

We can also talk about the outfit for a minute. Jean on jean can sometimes go very wrong, but with the right combination of color and texture, it can also be cute (that’s what I was trying to achieve with this outfit). Not only is it great for Calgary (you never know when you need a jacket or a crop top), but it is perfect for Stampede (just add some boots and a hat). Talk about happiness – unlimited access to deep fried oreos at the Stampede.

| Jeans: Abercrombie - Jacket: Forever 21 - Top: Bluenotes |
Photos by Meagan Weatherby Photography - like her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram.

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you must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every moment of your life
– Walt Whitman


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