Calgary doesn’t win for the hottest summers but it can get fairly warm. We have all put away are winter clothes, the heavy sweaters, jackets, toques, thick socks. But what we can’t ever put away for the summer is our business wardrobe. The pants and long sleeve button-ups are required year-round, even when we should all be in shorts and sandals.

This post is not for men. If you are male and reading this, you will only depress yourself by the fact that men do not have as many options when it comes to lightening the load during the summer months. Although you could probably pull off a short sleeve button up occasionally; food for thought.

One of the problems with Calgary weather (the list is fairly long) is that it is normally chilly on the way to work, but warm/hot on the way home. This means that you still have to bring some sort of light coat, or blazer to work in the morning so you don’t freeze and curse Calgary’s “summers.”

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My number one summer item is crop pants. Never before did I ever think I would own variations of dress pants, but here we are still playing the corporate world game, where cropped dress pants are the norm. I have to admit, it makes me feel extra fashionable that I can pull of cropped pants while still looking professional. Capris were never my first choice, so I have surprised myself on my maturing fashion sense (is this what real life is all about?). I own two pairs currently, but will definitely invest in a few more as the summer goes on (and my bank account permits). This red pair is by far the boldest pair of pants I have ever owned (not including the pink pants I owned when I was really young), and it is perfect for summer in the office. As someone who is greatly opposed to black dress pants (except my cropped pair), being able to buy a color other than a shade of grey is fantastic. Bolder still would be a colored pattern, but I don’t do cutting edge fashion like that. I also own a pair of black crop pants, just to balance out the color. These red ones are from Express, and my black pair is from Banana Republic. I love them both equally, however, the former is about half the price as the latter.

I absolutely love the colors in this outfit. Red, grey, and white; simple yet not black. Its so easy to pair everything with black. Summer-y but not over the top. Also, the sleeve-less button up from Express allows me to stay cool when the sun beats in through the windows. It is a good alternative to regular tank tops that can feel a little inappropriate in the office. I also own this in black, obviously. The blazer is from H&M and is one of the best (cheap) investments I have made. At only $30, I have definitely got my money’s worth.

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What is your go-to summer outfit at the office?



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