1. Hard work and dedication will pay off, don’t take the easy way out.

2. Speak confidently and people will believe you.

2.(a) Who’s going to know you made that up?

3. Family comes first; everything else comes second.

4. Never underestimate the power of a quality suit; some things are worth investing in.

5. Enjoy your success. What’s the point of being successful if all you do is save your money?

5.(a) aka take your family on lovely vacations, you deserve it.

6. Mom is always right, she just is.

7. Always cheer for Saskatchewan, even if you’re embarrassed about the watermelon on your head.

8. Sleep is for the weak, get up at 4am everyday to go for a run.

8.(a) This lesson is debatable, but stay healthy.

9. Cheese Whiz is real cheese, it says so on the jar. Also best consumed with white bread.

10. It’s about who you know, always be nice to people.

Happy Father’s Day!


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