There’s this guy, his name is Dave Asprey and he made this thing called Bulletproof coffee, a.k.a. buttered coffee. Sounds disgusting right? Well it’s an intriguing idea, enough to get me to try it. You can get it at more and more cafe’s around North America. I really wanted to try it at Asprey’s Bulletproof Cafe in Santa Monica but it was not finished construction when I was there. Luckily Calgary has one cafe that is keeping up with trends, Euphoria Cafe in Varsity let me try Bulletproof coffee.

The idea is that “Fats and caffeine help stimulate the brain” so why not just drink it? Its made of hot water, espresso, coconut oil and grass-fed butter – simple as that. It serves you a creamier version of the classic cup of joe.

What is my verdict on the drink? First of all make sure you stir it as you are drinking. As I drank more, the more buttery it tasted until I actually couldn’t drink the last few sips. Second, the coffee taste was pretty average. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I kind of expected something with a little more richness, not relying on the butter. I can’t make any judgments on its impact on brain functionality and alertness, I think that is supposed to be a more long term effect that one cup can’t achieve. However, I don’t think I will be drinking enough of it consistently to find out if this effect is indeed true.

As I was doing research what I found, and agreed with is what Kara Vogt, a dietitian and instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems, said”: “The challenge with these types of food fads is that it promises us, as a society, that there are specific foods that we can ‘load up’ on to protect our health. We haven’t found convincing evidence that any single food can significantly impact health status in the long term, and we still have a lot to learn about how the nutrients we consume from different foods may work together in our bodies once absorbed.”

What this means, for all food/diet fads in general, is that you have to have a balanced diet with all types of nutrients. Replacing other nutrients with butter is not going to be an optimum health solution, especially if you are not active enough to burn of the extra calories and fat.

Read more about Asprey and his ideas with this awesome Bloomberg article.


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