I am such a sucker for flowers; my kitchen feels empty if there isn’t a vase on the counter. The worst part of buying flowers, though, is having to throw them away after. It just feels wrong to put flowers straight into the trash. So I thought I’d give flower pressing a go.





I tried one time when I was young, put flowers between pages of a school year book, not realizing that you need to protect the book from the moisture of the flowers…needless to say, the pages stuck together and I had to throw the book out. This time went a little bit better, I found a flower press kit in my parents basement. What I learned this time is that just because flowers have a lot of color when they are alive does not mean the color will be there after they are pressed and dried. I guess it gives them a little bit of a vintage feel.

If you have a press that’s great, otherwise you can use the book idea. Just make sure you protect the pages with other paper or I usually use wax paper. I let mine sit for about a week. The flowers afterwards can be glued onto whatever you want, I did cards, but you could also frame them, or make book marks. It is a great way to give a unique, hand made gift!





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