I bought this cream when I was in France over the summer – this was before you could get it in Calgary. My sister had heard of the brand from friends in Vancouver and she said we HAD to try it. The brand was established in Melbourne, and is finely making its way into our city.

Walking into the store I fell in love with the smell – it had that clean, light smell of fresh skin, without being overbearing. They have all sorts of products, and even more online, but I just bought a couple to try it out. They recommended this hand cream as one of the more popular items that people buy. They had a few different smells, but I really liked the mandarin one.

What I like best about this hand cream is that it doesn’t leave a greasy feel afterwards. It absorbs right in, and leaves your hands smooth and soft. I use it as a hand cream, but it could also be used on the rest of the body – however it’s a small tube and that could get a little pricey.

Unity and simplicity are the two true sources of beauty.

– Johann Joachim Winckelmann


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