Current obsession: stripes. Preferably the black and white type. Second obsession: pencil skirts. Preferably the striped type.

That was a little dramatic for one skirt, I know. But I am in love with this skirt that I found at Banana Republic. When people ask me where it is from I say Paris, which is true, but the Banana Republic’s in North America probably carry the same one. If they do, I highly recommend you go out and purchase this surprisingly comfortable, versatile piece – and thank me later.



The best aspect of this skirt is that it can be worn to basically every occasion. Throw on a blazer -you’re at work; pair with a blouse and heels – you’re at a party; grab your ConverseĀ and a white t-shirt – you have the perfect #sundayfunday outfit. Mind blowing, right? You basically never have to change the bottom half of your outfit… Most likely the skirt comes in multiple colors; I’d say black for sure, and maybe grey. I chose the stripes because they are more fun, and add dynamic to the outfit without having to try to hard with accessories. It’s a great summer outfit, but would also look chic with a knitted sweater or long sleeve button up at work. SO MANY OPTIONS.

In the photos I styled the skirt in a “let’s go out to National” type way. Casual with the crop top, little bit more of a going out outfit with the heels. Threw on the hat for good measure but can be discarded when leaving the house (you’ll be inside, or it’ll be night).



What is your go-to wardrobe piece?


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