Its always a good idea to take time for your body to reset itself; this could be sleeping in extra long on the weekend, having a spa day, or doing a cleanse. Especially in the summer when we attend so many BBQs, spend too much afternoons on patios, or live in Calgary and attend the Stampede – there are a millions reasons why a cleanse is a good idea. I did a two day juice cleanse with Cru Juice as a mini cleanse to get myself fully back on the health/fitness train after 10 days in France followed by 10 days of stampeding. Cleanses can be longer, I think 3 days is pretty average. I will be the first to admit however that I suck at cleansing and two days is all I can handle before I sabotage the whole thing with an emergency run to McDonalds. Cleansing can be subjective; people will have different reasons for cleansing but here is the top 10 reasons why you should cleanse:

1. Because everyone is doing it? Jumping on the band wagon is a good enough reason right?

2. Your summer habits have gotten out of control. I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been drunk and at more burgers/pizza in the last month than I did during the rest of the year.

3. Because the rest of the summer is going to be just as cray. This is just a minor break to let your body know that you really do care about it.

4. You’re rolling in the dough, and what better way to spend it then on large amounts of very expensive juice.

5. You need something to write about for your blog.

Oh, you want real reasons that I didn’t just make up? Okay…

6. To kick start (or restart) your health and fitness goals. Motivation is always key, and if you are motivated enough to not eat solid foods for a few days then you should be able to use that push to continue to eat clean after the cleanse.

7. It allows your body to take a little vacation from having to work hard to extract nutrients from food; this includes your stomach, intestines, and liver.

8. It also helps clear up some of the waste and toxic chemicals that have built up in your body. Your organs naturally detox your body, but this gives it a little extra boost.

9. Hydrate your body with healthy fluids. Coffee does not count as water. A juice cleanse will help you avoid coffee/alcohol and also make you drink more water.

10. Increased energy, stamina, and mental clarity. You would think that you would be more tired if you are consuming only juice, but when you eliminate the negative effects of daily caffeine and some of the processed foods and chemicals that are consumed, our body and mind can lighten up a bit.


At the end of the day, a juice cleanse is not the solution to be more healthy or lose weight. It just helps you get into the mindset of eating cleaner and exercising more.

I just finished a two day cleanse from Cru Juice. You buy a pre-made cleanse kit but I struggle with juices with ginger in them and most of the cleansing juices have that in them (because ginger is a super cleansing food). How do I feel after the cleanse? HANGRY! That is the hardest part; finishing and then not devouring an extra large pizza the minute after. But I was able to have a little self-control for the time being, and stuck to just clean foods the day after the cleanse and now have more motivation to meal prep this Sunday and get up early for the gym. It really is a great way to refresh your diet and lifestyle, even if you just do a quicky like I did for 2 days. Props to everyone who does 3 days or more.

How often do you do a cleanse?



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