Does it go too far to say a T Swift concert can be life changing? That’s a little bit of an exaggeration but her shows are absolutely amazing regardless. Before this weekend, I had seen her at the Stampede once and in Edmonton a few years ago and this show took the cake for sure. Not only is her music way better for an upbeat, dance-all-night concert than it used to be in her country-focused days, but she has evolved as an artist and technology is just cooler now.

She had two openers, Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy. Both of which I couldn’t name one song off the top of my head so I had a lot of “oh, this is their song” moments throughout both the sets. They were both amazing; both stood up there with only their guitar, their voices, and cute faces. They were a good opener for all the girls in the audience.


T Swift came on at around 8:30 opening with Welcome to New York, where she says the 1989 album all started. The audience welcomed her with crazy fan-girl screaming and the loyal fans that Taylor Nation is. The next two and a half hours were filled with all the lyrics that we all have spent the last 10 years of Taylor stardom years, memorizing.

Her costume changes were amazing; as expected they took her show to the next level. She had a three song max for any costume, changing from one sparkly crop top/skirt combo to the next. The two best outfits she had were a pink skirt and bandeau top that lit up and changed color with built-in LED lights. And her nude colored body suit that was covered in sequins.


Most of the songs came from the 1989 album, obviously since that what the tour was for, but she still through in some old ones to keep all the fans happy. A pop re-make of Love Story really got the crowd going, as well as Knew You Were Trouble, and a mashup of Enchanted with Wildest Dreams. Overall she covered all fan favourites, while still having songs that weren’t singles in there.

We had so much fun singing and dancing along to all of the songs. Taylor knows how to entertain and this show did just that. Mid-way through her surprise guests, Niko & Vinz came out and sang Am I Wrong with Swift, which was amazing. It was cool to throw a twist into her set with a surprise guest who killed it.


Between groups of songs she did an amazing job of connecting with the audience by offering words of advice for loving yourself, being yourself, and building self-worth. It dragged on a little bit, but her anti-bullying, and love campaigns are really great for her younger audience who look up to her as a role model.

She finished with Shake It Off, leaving the party with a bang. Confetti, lights, smoke, fireworks, the whole shebang left the audience feeling like they just had the best night of there life. Which, I will just point out, it probably was. I had such a fun time that night, I am so glad that I got to experience it. She definitely landed the top spot of best concerts I have been to.



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