Cute little country-style bistro in Kits. If you’re looking for well made comfort food, this is the place. It is a great place to stop and take a rest from all the shopping you’ve been doing on West 4th.

We started with the Fiesta Guacamole, which sounds a lot better than it was. It was still good, all guac is good regardless, but for $7.50 we expected a bit more from the taste as well as physically more. The portion was large enough maybe for 2 people to share, but definitely not five. Next time, I would try a different starter, or maybe just skip that step just to be safe.


All was made up though with the main dish. I had the Dos Diablos with a spinach salad. It was a grilled cheese on house baguette with white cheddar, chunks of spicy Chorizo sausage and roasted red pepper. This sandwich was top notch as far as grilled cheese goes. I shared with my sister which made the portion do able for lunch time, but for dinner I definitely could have ate the whole thing myself.

The service was great, with the server offering her opinion on the many choices we had. Loved the interior design, atmosphere, and location. It was the perfect fuel to get us to the beach.

Check out the review on Zomato or visit the website!


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