Coming to Vancouver, finding an authentic sushi place was top on my list. I’ve heard its amazing, and why wouldn’t it be? Fish is always more fresh near the coast. My sister’s friend recommend Miku to us; it was close to our hotel and had an amazing view of Coal Harbour. Miku serves way more than just sushi rolls, but that is what we were there.

We did however start with the Ebi Fritter which was prawn tempera, and it was absolutely delicious. It was served with sweet chili aioli and balsamic reduction.  I highly recommend getting this as an appetizer. They serve it with one shrimp per person, so everyone gets a chance to try it.



For the main part of our lunch we tried almost all of the rolls: Sunrise Roll (wasabi marinated tuna, cucumber, wrapped in red tuna), Red Wave Roll (crab, avocado, wrapped in red tuna), King Roll (prawn tempera, crab, tobiko, cucumber), Miku Roll (salmon, crab, uni, cucumber, rolled in tobiko) and Garden Roll (asparagus, avocado, shiso leaf, ginger, wrapped in pickled watermelon radish and sweet pepper). My favourite was the Sunrise Roll by far, followed by the King Roll. The Garden Roll was a little weird, maybe it was the pickled watermelon or the ginger, I’m not sure but I wouldn’t order that one again.

Check out the review on Zomato!


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