The BEST Mexican food I have had, seriously. We were a little weary about it walking up; the street it is on is a little sketch near the film school with a fair amount of homeless people hanging around. They also have a take out bar right at the front, which confused us until we realized the actual sit down restaurant is in the back.



The patio they have is what I wish my backyard deck would look like. Cute brick with lights strung across the top, it would be great for some late night tacos. We started with nachos that had goat cheese and chorizo on it, and they were some of the best nachos I have had. The meat and cheese were distributed evenly throughout and it came with guacamole that just put the cherry on top. I could have devoured the whole plate in about 5 minutes if no one else was with me.

For tacos they have a few to choose from, the menu is a lot smaller during lunch than for dinner. I had the fish taco which is deep-fried pacific cod, with salsa fresca and chipotle mayo. So so so good, I have had a lot of fish tacos in a lot of different cities, but this one topped the list. It was fresh, with just the right amount of spice to it. You HAVE to try this place next time you are in Vancouver.


Check out the review on Zomato or check out their website!


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