As long as this restaurant has been over at Symons Valley Ranch I have surprisingly never been. Driving up I was a little wary about what it would look like inside, but I was positively surprised at the cute country chic decor and atmosphere of the place. The patio looks like it would be a great place for drinks if it was nice out.

We went for dinner with family friends, and it was a great place for our table of 10. We were at a long table near the back and didn’t feel crowded or in the way. We started with the poutine and corn fritters. Two choices for poutine: lobster and brisket. That’s the bonus of going with a big group is we could order both. Verdict? Lobster is better, but twist my arm to eat the brisket one. The corn fritters themselves were alright, but add the honey butter that is comes with; heaven, seriously. I had two both piled high with that delicious butter, with no regrets, I could have ate all 6 for what its worth.

My main meal was a little disappointing. I ordered the spicy pepperoni flatbread which turns out is just a fancy name for a pep pizza, and only a mediocre one at that. Would not order any of the flatbreads after that, but everyone else’s main dishes looked pretty good, lots of meat and potatoes it looked like.

What to do when the pizza wasn’t very satisfying? Make up for it with dessert obviously. The list is a tough choice, but I am a sucker for creme brûlée and it did not disappoint. It was just the right thickness to balance out the creme part with the hardened sugar on top; delicious!

Definitely recommend this restaurant especially if you live in the NW and are tired of driving downtown for dinner. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. Just skip the flatbread. Check out my review on Zomato here.


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