My obsession with peanut butter is next level; just can’t get enough of that shit. It’s been a thing since I was young, eating it right out of the jar with no shame. Once I realized that Kraft peanut butter has a lot of sugar in it (so that’s why it tastes so good), I had to buy the all natural stuff just to balance it out: healthy stuff goes on toast, good stuff is there for spoon emergencies. It is also easy to make your own, and feel like a super health nut. Both peanut and almond butter is really easy to make if you have a good food processor.

You can only imagine how mind blown I was when I learned that there are protein enhanced peanut butter for the gym rats. Not only is there 10g-28g of protein per 2 tbsp (depends on the brand) BUT it comes in a variety of flavors. Favourite? P28 white chocolate (28g) and Nuts N’ More Pumpkin Spice (12g). Paired with some rice cakes? It’s like heaven in my mouth. A new brand that I just came across on Instagram is BakeBuff who also makes protein almond butter with 11g per serving. Flavors? I got Coffee Bean, Cookie, and Snickerdoodle. Yes they are as delicious as they sound.

While we are listing all the different types, we can’t leave out PB2 – the ultimate powdered peanut butter (also comes in different flavours, don’t even worry), just add water. I actually like the add it to my smoothies for the extra protein and peanut butter flavour without the extra sugar Kraft would add to my healthy shakes. Also worth noting, Kraft peanut butter, banana, and granola – you don’t understand how much self control it takes to not eat the whole jar in one sitting (yes, just with a spoon).

kraft kraftnatural   pb2nutsnmore bakebuffp28


Try em’ out, what’s your favourite?


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