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Breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out; there is nothing like restaurant made pancakes, waffles, or eggs benny. It gets yo out of the house, out into the fresh air earlier than normal, and when you’re done you have the whole day ahead of you. Plus there is something super cute about going for brunch, maybe its the fact that its socially acceptable to drink before noon when out for brunch? I have a whole list of places in Calgary I want to try, but Diner Deluxe was pretty high up on that list.

We went on Sunday, and if you are going to go on the weekend, you have to get there early or else you will be spending at least half an hour waiting; by 8:20 the place was full. They serve Phil and Sebastian coffee, so starting the meal with a latte is a must. I had the stuffed French toast; stuffed with bacon and brie – can’t go wrong. My friend had the smoked salmon eggs benedict, and it looked delicious; that is what I will be getting next time!

It’s always a fun meal in a diner, and Diner Deluxe has the atmosphere down. The decor, tables, and even the sign all fit into the diner experience you get at this restaurant. Even though the place was packed, the service was really good and consistent. I have also heard their lunch and dinner menu is worth trying!

Check out my review on Zomato.


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