The other day I was asked “Why do you workout?” My super well thought out answer was, “Because I like it.” But as I was finishing my spin class and looking forward to a quick leg workout after, I actually thought about why I wake up early to go to the gym, spend my money on spin and yoga, and do both every single day. It has a lot more to do than just liking it.

It’s a passion and a fascination. Being blessed with the ability to use my body in such active ways and to keep pushing myself forward into a healthier, stronger version of myself is my passion. People could see it as jumping on the fitness/clean eating band wagon but it’s just a part of my life and what makes me happy. There is nothing like the feeling after a good sweat sesh.



The fascination is how our bodies can adapt and change to suit our situations. With a certain level of dedication it is easy to see the body change; you get stronger, have more endurance, and feel just that much better. It fascinates me that most of that is based on the types of food we consume; how your diet really can make or break your muscle growth and overall health. Because I am fairly open about my lifestyle (“no I can’t hang out today, I’m going to the gym) and the food I eat I tend to have a lot of people share their fitness and health goals with me. I am glad that I can inspire other people to live a more healthy lifestyle, and they always feel better too. Even though with social media and skinny girls all over the place competing, it can seem like a competitive lifestyle, it is much more satisfying if you support one another and not criticize other people at the gym, or the grocery store. At my gym, I end up working out with a 10:1 ratio of guys to girls, and it took me awhile, but I am now able to find motivation and inspiration in the other few girls that work out at the same time as me, even if they are lifting more, or are just in overall better shape. It comes down to competing with yourself and finding out how far you can push your mind, body, and soul. Some days I can barely lift my average weight, and some days I set a new PR.




My favourite part of having the people around me making healthy and fit choices is they share their ideas with me too. I love it when a friend will find like a great butter chicken recipe I have to try, or a cool vegan restaurant. I recently just made a friend over Instagram over our love of YYC Cycle, we now attend classes together and motivate each other while we are sweating our faces off.

Last week my spin instructor asked us to set an intention at the beginning of class; one that would be our motivator throughout the class. Mine was happiness; I am here because it contributes to my happiness. The first five minutes of leg burn challenged that happiness, but once I pushed through it and finished the class, I knew that it was worth it. It’s worth it every time. And that’s why I workout. Not to look good for boys, or to get likes on Instagram; I workout because it makes me feel better and I am happier.



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Why do you workout?


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