I am not a lipstick wearer – I try but it just makes me feel like I am wearing too much makeup. Which is slightly frustrating when there are special events to go to and I know that everyone will be wearing lipstick, and my lip chap just won’t cut it. My go-to lip wear on these such evenings are the Fresh line of Sugar lip treatments that you can buy at Sephora. The current one I am obsessed with is the Cherry red. I think it goes great with my skin tone, and doesn’t look too over the top, so I can feel comfortable wearing it. Also, the color lasts a fairly long time; or at least the red does.

They have a whole bunch of colors, including non-tinted ones for the lip chap users like myself. I also really like the Rosé color. These are great little tinted lip chap that you can throw in your purse and have with you all the time.


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