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You’ll have new Septembers

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Taylor Swift just always knows best, doesn’t she? Turns out Kanye West (who Innocent was about) did have new Septembers and now him and Taylor are friends – shown at the VMAs last weekend. Even if her lyrics are directed towards Kanye, doesn’t mean they don’t apply to the rest of us. September always seems like a good month to set new goals and refresh ourselves. Maybe its because school always was a new beginning, but even now when I’m graduated, I always gravitate towards new beginnings every September. Here are ten ways you can have your new September:

  1. Set new goals. These are not New Years resolutions that will be broken the next day, these are real goals that you want to work on in September; big or small. I am starting a marketing certificate next week, so one of my goals is to stay on top of my homework while balancing the rest of my life. Another goal is to build more muscle, and I have begun to plan a new diet that will help me achieve that. This could be done by writing them down, making an inspiration board (in real life or on Pinterest), or just reflecting on them.
  2. Buy a new day planner or start using the calendar on your phone (aka get yourself organized). Write down any deadlines that are coming up, appointments that you have (or need to make), coffee dates you have set, etc. You will feel less stressed and more productive if you time is laid out in an organized fashion.
  3. Spend more time being active and less time in front of the TV. I know this is a tough one when most shows start up again in the fall, but sacrifice one show (or watch it at the gym instead) and get yourself active. You will feel better, sleep better, and be more happy.
  4. Keep track of your finances. If your summers are anything like mine, they pass by in a blur of cocktails on patios, potluck BBQs, dinners at all the new restaurants, etc. It just seems everyone has more free time in the summer to get together with friends, and most of the time these outings cost more money. Get this under control by being aware of what you are spending your money on. I wrote an article on Modern Socialite on how I keep track, read it here.
  5. Reach out to long lost friends, or make a new one. Bring some new blood into your life by hanging out with people who aren’t in your usual group. This could be a friend you haven’t seen in a year, or grabbing coffee with that girl who works on your floor. Sometimes we get into a routine, especially when we are comfortable with the people around us. Ignite new inspiration by hearing the ideas and opinions of someone else.
  6. Be thankful. Take a second (or ten minutes) and think about everything you have going for you and appreciate your life. Someone always has it worse than you, but it is easy to take for granted how easy we have it.
  7. Try a new recipe, even just one. Pick a Saturday night where you have nothing going on and pick a new recipe off Pinterest, go to the grocery store, and actually enjoy the process of cooking. If you don’t want ten days of leftovers, invite a friend over (or your parents) to help you eat it. It will give you a chance to relax (bottle of wine maybe?) and focus on something creative and delicious. If cooking dinner isn’t your thing, baking is always a good option and then you will have lots of takers to eat it.
  8. Take a day for yourself. That could be a massage, facial (or any other spa day) or an afternoon shopping by yourself, or even just a morning where you can turn your phone off and binge watch your favourite show. We spend alot of our time worried about external problems, running around for our bosses, doing things for our partners, etc. that we forget to take the time for ourselves.
  9. Think about the kind of person you want to be. Reevaluate who you have become over the past year, and decide if you’re happy with that. Maybe you are happy with the fact that you have started calling your mom more often, or pass on dessert. But maybe you don’t like how much you complain (guilty). Take the time to actively push yourself in a positive direction in terms of the person you want to be.
  10. Let go of the past year (or summer) and lighten your load. Having regrets, holding grudges, being angry or sad, just brings you down. Accept what has happened, learn from it, and move on into a better place. Use this time to have a new beginning in all aspects of your life and strive towards happiness.


This little bracelet has become one of my favourite pieces of jewelry. Marlissa hand makes them and each one is dedicated to a theme with a quote. Mine is a reminder of happiness, I got my mom one for Mother’s Day, and my sister one for graduating. They come in different colors, and are the cutest gift to give for someone’s special milestone. For me, it is a delicate reminder to be happy, and not let daily challenges bring me down. Check her work out on her website or on Etsy.


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