If you haven’t heard, the NFL is back tonight…what this means for girlfriends and wives everywhere as we sit down to watch the Steelers vs Patriots:

  • No longer is Sunday spent in the outdoors, it will happen on the couch…all day #sundayfunday
  • Dinner conversation will be about who won and lost last weekend, and who will win and lose this weekend.
  • A full season of exhaustively pretending to cheer for your man’s team; which color are they again?
  • Realizing that it is not only Sunday night football but Thursday AND Monday as well, and possibly a Friday here and there.
  • Having to hear about your man’s fantasy league team…it’s not even real so who cares.
  • More beer being drank everywhere; cocktails are usually not appropriate for game time beverages.
  • Waiting impatiently to know who is the Superbowl half time show–obviously that’s the only reason to watch (I heard its Bruno Mars this year?).
  • Being criticized for not knowing who the quarterback is.
  • And finally counting down the days until the season is over…just in time for baseball season.

What is your football pet peeve? Share it below and I’ll add it to the list!
Apologies to the ladies that enjoy the football season. I do actually enjoy watching football games (go Chargers) BUT not every single one.

I originally posted this on my fitness blog last year.


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