Says Nemo, I don’t recommend touching actual butts unless you know who they belong to. But what I do recommend is watching Finding Nemo, and taking the courage Nemo had to touch the butt (aka boat, for all you losers who have no soul and don’t watch Disney movies), and apply it to your own life. Yes, he did get caught up in the net, and lost for a good part of the two hour movie, but in the end he became the fish he was meant to be, met a lot of quality friends along the way, learned to speak whale, and experienced a life that he wouldn’t have got to if he stayed under the protection of his dad. Disney movies can be so deep sometimes.

If you’re never lost you never get found.


What I have been noticing lately amoung my friends is that we have all finished our undergrads and are either heading off to grad school or cringing at the fact that our new jobs will not be ending in September but are the never ending tunnel that is the “real world.” Either way, we have now entered the period of our life we like to refer to dramatically as the quarter life crisis. Similar to the mid-life crisis, the QLC is when we realize that we are getting old, and we are going to need to be responsible for the first time ever, and we don’t want to spend the rest of our days working 9-5. It really is quite the first world problem. It is the first time that we have been sprung free of school, with no one telling us what to do next. We have time now to find our passion, even if you have to work at a job that you may not like, you can find passion outside of it.




This is the time now to take the chances that you need to take, and follow the dreams that everyone is telling you are not achievable. Not to sound cliche but we are young and we will have more than enough time to work and settle down later in life (aka yolo). The world is an open book for us; only a plane ticket away to explore it. We have spent so many years with a timeline and structure with what to do and when to do it, and now we have the freedom to take our passion and run with it. We only learn from the mistakes we make, right? There is a country song with a line that says “How can I be old and wise, if I am never young and crazy.”



JDY Beau Tank | VERA MODA Landscape Cape | DEX Black Coated Denim
CO LAB Piped Clutch | CONVERSE

Photos by Madeline Antony

Let’s talk about this outfit for a second. I absolutely love the bold, black and white printed cape. It falls right into Vogue’s list for 2015 Fall/Winter trends. Many runway trends are hard to add to our day to day outfits, but the graphic black and white print slipped right in. It pairs nicely with the coolest leather covered jeans, and graphic tee. The whole wonderful outfit is from 27 Boutique on 17th Ave in Calgary. Check them out, or find the pieces online!

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