I was in Winnipeg this past weekend and didn’t actually visit as many restaurants as I wanted to, we ate at home more often, which is probably a good thing for our wallets. But we did make it to NUBURGER, a healthy burger joint that has a tag line of Healthy, Gourmet, Awesome. That’s a motto I wish applied to all restaurants. I had been to it before when I was in Winnipeg last summer, but I took Chris who hadn’t been there before.

Their menu is one of a kind, with burgers like the Blueberry Yum Yum (which is the one I had), Skinny Boy, Misohappi, the Drunken Aussie, etc. etc. It makes burger eating a little more fun. They also had chicken burgers and veggie burgers to choose from.

The Blueberry Yum Yum has a blueberry BBQ sauce that is to die for, topped with goat’s cheese, and balsamic onions; seriously soooo good! Next time you’re in the ‘Peg you have to check this place out.




Visit their website here and see my review on Zomato here.


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