Dove has a new campaign out, asking young girls about the one thing they would change about themselves. The girl that answers next, has the quality the first girl wanted but wants to change something different, emphasizing the fact that everyone wants something that they don’t have. Even though they are using young girls to express one thing they want to change, we can all put ourselves in their shoes. I know that I could answer that question without even thinking, which is why the message of the video is so important for women all ages. They are suggesting the one thing we need to change is girl’s perceptions of themselves.

We all could benefit from changing how we see ourselves. It is so easy to compare yourself to others, especially when you have social media feeds on your phone to compare your health, body, hair, social life, friends; even what everyone is eating for breakfast. It can be a little overwhelming, and definitely confidence-deflating when you start wishing you had the looks/lives/etc of other people, on a daily basis. Why is it so hard to accept ourselves for who we are?

In another fabulous campaign, Dove set up two doors in a bunch of major cities around the world; one labeled Average and one labeled Beautiful. Women were asked to walk through the door they thought described them. Although the video faced backlash from the media and women (Why only two options? What about men? Its just good PR. etc. etc.), but I think the idea of it is uplifting and empowering to women. It allows women the opportunity to decide for themselves to feel beautiful in the skin they are in.

We might not have the option of changing the one thing we don’t like; and if we do, will we then be satisfied with ourselves? As cheesy as the line is, I think the saying “you can’t love someone else until you love yourself” is very true. People rely on what other’s think of them, or how they compare to other people rather than being able to say they accept themselves and think they are beautiful. Instead of choosing one thing you want to change about yourself, choose beautiful instead. There is always going to be someone who is taller, smarter, richer, prettier, than you; but all we can do is be the best version of ourselves, and do it with confidence. So next time you look in the mirror and see a flaw, remind yourself of all the other beautiful qualities you have.We can’t change what we look like, but we can change how we see ourselves.



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