Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays can be tough. You’ve worked on your fitness and diet non-stop since the summer, and you don’t want to watch it all fall apart in one weekend (Christmas is coming up too). You also don’t want to miss out on the deliciousness of multiple turkey dinners either, but there is a way to balance it all out.

My problem is, I don’t really like turkey or mashed potatoes, so I usually fill up my plate with the really yummy stuff – dressing, buns, fruit jello; and finish off with pumpkin pie (my absolute favourite dessert). Its a bad situation to say the least; I have put aside some serious time this weekend to spend at the gym to make sure I can burn off all that extra food.

Just like anything, moderation is key. A turkey dinner is, after all, a homemade meal and if you stay aware of what you are eating and drinking, then you can come out of the weekend unscathed.

10 ways to stay healthy this Thanksgiving weekend:

  1. Stick with the white turkey meat. Also, make sure you have more turkey than stuffing
  2. Control your gravy pouring; you know what I’m talking about
  3. Take advantage of the cooked carrots and other veggies
  4. Only fill up one plate, and don’t go for seconds
  5. Eat during the day so that you aren’t starving when you get there and have the urge to stuff your face. It will help you control your appetite.
  6. Sweet potato > white potato
  7. Eat slowly, not only will you miss going for seconds, you will be able to tell when you are full
  8. Don’t get drunk; keep your class while with family and avoid the empty calories
  9. Help clean up, that way you won’t sit and pick at the leftovers
  10. If all else fails and you end up eating 5 slices of pumpkin pie, my suggestion is to hit the gym hard in the morning, especially if you more than one dinner to go to

What is your tip for staying healthy during Thanksgiving?


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