Last weekend while I was shopping for pieces to add to my Fall wardrobe, I came across this cute faux fur vest at the Bay (seriously, it was at the Bay). I realized that I am a vest hoarder, I really think that you can never have too many. They are the perfect piece to add on top of any outfit. This could be casual, comfy, paired with a little black dress, or as extra warmth for the chilly nights. The possibilities are endless (or that’s what I tell myself as I fill my closet with an unnecessary amount of vests).

I have styled it here in a casual, “let’s do some errands and then go for lunch” kind of way. Keeping it comfy, but without stretchy pants. I would also add another long sleeve cardigan or sweater on top of the t-shirt to add warmth if you’re going to be outside. Additionally, tall brown boots would add a nice touch of “Fall” to this autumn look.


LORD & TAYLOR Faux Fur Vest |  DEX Short Sleeve Knit Top 

Photos by Madeline Antony



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