FYI Instagram is not real life; in case you didn’t know. Social media is a funny thing. Our lives have become built around it (if there is no photo, did it really happen?) and our generation has now become known for instant gratification. The issue now is that people (especially girls) are comparing themselves to what they see on Instagram and feeling bad about how they look, their life, etc. When really Instagram has become less INSTAnt and more of a photoshoot that is carefully set up, planned, and edited. Who hasn’t taken those photos “candidly” laughing with friends, looking like you are having the time of your life. When really you are all awkwardly staring at each other with really excited expressions and open mouths?

Most people use their feeds to capture the absolute best moments of an event, trip, etc. and then add a filter to it. Perspective can significantly skew reality, and someone’s life is probably not as great as it is on their account. I now see Instagram as more of a creative expression of someone, rather than reality. It applies to how I used Instagram too. I am very bad for not posting “real life” moments, but posting pictures that are consistent with the rest of the feed. This may sound excessive but #sorrynotsorry, I own a white table with a set of white dishes that I use solely for Instagram (and blog) pictures.  Is that ridiculous or what? On the same note, I don’t always post pictures when they are taken. Sometimes I will take them during the day when the light is good, but then not post them until later when I know more people will see it.  Its a social media strategy, and don’t be fooled by any account that has more than a few hundred followers; that selfie was not the first (or only) shot taken. I have a girl on my Insta who just broke up from a long term relationship, and her pictures are now selfies in good lighting with inspirational quotes about being independent, an excessive amount of posts from the parties she goes to, too many adventure pictures of her being “free.” And it is surprisingly easy to see through all of it, knowing the back story, that she is actually hurting from the breakup.

This video I came across was published in June 2014, so you may have seen it. But I think its such an accurate representation of how social media can make your life seem way cooler than it really is.

It is so easy to get caught up in “likes” on social media, that you forget to actually enjoy the moments that you are trying to capture. It is as equally as hard to not compare yourself to the girls who seemingly have perfect lives, bodies, boyfriends, dogs, breakfast, lattes, nails, baths, etc. etc. etc. Since our lives now revolve around social media, it is our responsibility to take it all with a grain of salt, and either see it as a creative outlet like I do, or view it as a magazine or a form of entertainment.


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