There are two major problems with working downtown, commuting and lunches. Commuting is a given, no one wants to take transit with a million other people, day after day. The other problem is corporate lunching. It is very accepted to eat out every day for lunch, often going to actual restaurants rather than grabbing fast food. I have been pretty good about bringing my own lunch, but it is still very tempting to try out all the restaurants within walking distance of my office.

The latest one we tried is Ki, located near the Westin downtown. It is a very lovely restaurant with a great ambiance, and wasn’t too loud even though all the tables were full. They had alot to choose from on the menu, making the decision very hard what to order. We ordered separately because of our different preferences in types of ¬†sushi and Asian dishes (I don’t like sashimi basically) but it would be very easy to order together to try more items.

I had the Spicy Tuna roll and the Ki Beef Maki, both of which were amazing. The spicy tuna roll had a nice little kick to it, which I find most restaurants don’t have and the tuna was very fresh. The Ki Beef Maki was probably my favourite of the two, it had the seared beef on top and sweet potato tempera and asparagus in the roll. The teriyaki glaze on top of the beef gave the roll a bit of sweetness. I also tried my friend’s seaweed salad, which had an amazing dressing on it that helped tame the bitter seaweed.

I recommend trying this place if you are looking for a nice night out, or if you are also a part of corporate Calgary and you need a new spot to try.



Check out their website here and my review on Zomato here.


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