There are plenty of key items that you should have in your closet: a little black dress, and white t-shirt, a good pair of jeans, a go-to sweatshirt. Another must have is a blanket scarf, and yes I am referring to the ones Aritzia sells that every Ugg wearing, Starbucks drinking, girl has. They are absolutely necessary for all times of the year.

I had one back when they first came out, and it was amazing even then. But turns out wool doesn’t wash too well and so I had to get rid of it. They are fairly expensive for a scarf and so I could never convince myself to buy a new one. But this Fall I decided that I had a real job and I could afford an $85 scarf. It’s safe to say I have already gotten my money’s worth out of it. I think I wear it twice a week at the minimum – to work, to class, to the grocery store, to watch TV; it is very versatile, and it always keeps you warm.




Because it is so big, usually I end up wearing it as a shawl because it falls down my arms as I am doing things, and it really it just the cosiest piece of clothing that I am ever wearing.

There are many different colours and patterns to choose from, and they change ever season. But I went with a light neutral colour and pattern because I knew I would get more wear out of it. My favourite go-to outfit is the one I am wearing here. Some sort of boots with high, wooly socks; jeans if I have to go for dinner or something nice but usually I am wearing Lulu’s with it, and a white tank top. The scarf is great with a tank because if you end up in a cold restaurant or theatre, it is easy to wrap around your shoulders and arms.





WILFRED Blanket Scarf |  BABATON Kris Tank 

Photos by Madeline Antony

My advice to you if you don’t already own a blanket scarf is to go out and make the investment, I promise you it is completely worth it.


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