It seemed like such a fickle trend; one of those fad diets that really aren’t sustainable. But maybe because people are living way more health-oriented lifestyles (hence the word lifestyle, not diet), that drinking fresh pressed juice has stuck around. I have to admit I am a huge supporter of juice, not necessarily juicing, but the occasional juice to pump up your nutrients isn’t a bad thing; or slipping in those veggies you didn’t eat at lunch. As long as juice is used as a compliment to a healthy, balanced diet, I think that the value is huge.

That being said, its a great detoxing option. I try to do a juice cleanse in the spring, to clean out all the heavy eating that was done throughout the winter, and lighten up my diet. I have my own juicer (I jumped on the bandwagon, okay?) but it is easy now to buy the juice pre-pressed if you are willing to pay for it. Obviously Cru is the first company that comes to mind, they have taken over the juicing industry with their unique flavours and accessibility throughout the city. But there are also other companies that you should try, Juice Because, Well Juicery, and my friend just started up her company called Spark Health (read my interview with her from April here)



The only thing I have against juice, personally, is the amount of sugar in it. I don’t regularly drink juice, and so consuming a bottle of even fresh-pressed juice sends my body into a sugar craze, and I can feel like the affects. The sugar is natural as it is coming from the fruits and vegetables, but its always a good idea to be aware of how much of the juice you are drinking in comparison with the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis regularly.



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