Maybe everyday is a casual day for you, depending on which industry you work in or your company culture, but for me working downtown Calgary I always feel like I should be a little more towards the “business” side. Which means that Fridays are all that more exciting when you don’t have to wear your business outfit, and can be more “casual.” This is also subjective. Some people consider a suit and no tie to be casual, some people think jeans with a button up (does every city have a lot of plaid on Fridays or is it just Calgary?), but I usually take it literal. 

There are only 4 of us in my office, and there is no one who is going to tell me what I can or can’t wear so I interpret casual Friday as what I would wear on the weekend, what is the most comfortable to sit in all day, or an extension of my plans after work (yes, sometimes I wear my gym clothes to the office – thanks Lulu for making nice enough clothing to wear outside the gym). 



I found this shirt at Garage – I don’t actually know why I was in there, but I am sure glad I stopped by. I had to get it, waffles on the weekend is one of my favourite activities, and for $30 I will support that message. I will probably end up wearing this shirt to bed for the most part, but it is completely socially acceptable to wear it as a comfy tee during the day. They have made the sizes a little bigger (two sizes actually S/M and L/XL) which adds to the comfort level. They were smart enough to know that if you’re eating waffles you probably want a baggy shirt to hide your food baby after.

I paired it with my favourite pair of ripped jeans (noted – not office appropriate, even on casual fridays) and a plaid shirt. I almost through on a baseball cap, but I didn’t want to wreck my hair. This outfit would also benefit from a toque. 




GARAGE Plaid Shirt |  GARAGE Graphic Tee

Photos by Madeline Antony





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