It’s that time of year again when you start questioning how well you really know people when you can’t think of what to get them as a Christmas gift. The worst thing is running out of time and ending up gifting a Starbucks gift card and to-go mug; very unoriginal.

As I have gotten older I actually prefer giving gifts than receiving them. I get excited at the thought of someone else being positively surprised by a thoughtful gift that they were looking forward to. But the first hurdle is actually finding the perfect gift.

I have put together the first annual Frankly Ray gift guide to help you (and me) make all of our friends and family think we were trained by Santa himself.

Gift Guide


1. Cookbook Co. Cooks Cooking Class

2. Pottery Barn Kids Personalized Stroller Blanket

3. Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

4. YYC Cycle Spin Passes

5. WWF Animal Adoption


6. OFK Marquess Tote

7.Martini Tank by Seed Yoga

8. NYR Balance Rose & Geranium Organic Collection 

9. Calgary Cooks

10. Fitbit Charge HR

11. Hot Yoga Passes

 Happy shopping!



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