Gift giving can be a little awkward sometimes; how much money and effort do you put into the people that you don’t really want to spend money and effort on? Or you’re in a last minute bind and need a quick, “thoughtful” gift. Giftcards are always the go-to in those kinds of situations. They’re easy, and you don’t have to worry about picking out what the person will like – they can do it themselves.

I came across these cute DIY giftcard holders for Starbucks giftcards. They are cute, and look like you put more effort in than just giving them the stocking or whatever card holder Starbucks has this year. They are even less work if you print off the text, then all you have to do is glue the sleeve to the front and boom. done. 

The trick to printing off the words are making sure the sleeve and card will fit. It took me a second try to get that right. I glued the printed paper onto an actual card, but you could easily print off the words on stiff paper and give it as a post-card style card, whatever you have the most patience for.

image image image image

Merry Christmas and happy gift giving!


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